About the company

Welcome to the RMC Research and Marketing Corporation site!

RMC is a company that delivers the full cycle of the marketing and consulting services from market research to strategy development.

We are a part of the auditing and consulting group «The Institute for Enterprise Issues».

Since 2002 we have implemented more than 400 marketing projects, formed the own network of industry experts, collected databases on more than 100 product markets.

We conducted market research in the markets of Russia, CIS, Western and Northern Europe, China.

The Russian and foreign enterprises, investment funds, financial and industrial groups are among our clients.

We pay special attention to the industrial B-to-B markets. The quality servicing in industrial marketing is conducted by economists, marketers, sociologists, experts in strategic management, as well as engineering and technical specialists who form our team.

We would be happy to help you if you need:

  • To conduct a market research;
  • To develop a strategy of a market share broadening or an increase in the market activity’s efficiency;
  • To define an entry strategy for a new product or geographic market’s penetration;
  • To assess market prospects for a new product’s launching;
  • To form a concept for a new product or corporate brand;
  • To develop marketing sections for a business plan or an investment memo;
  • To define prospective directions for a real estate object’s use;
  • To find new business partners (dealers, contractors, etc.);
  • To conduct market auditing of a company’s activities;
  • To conduct a part of a marketing department’s functions by outsourcing;
  • To stimulate a company’s personnel involvement for further efficiency enhancing.

All our projects are exclusive and you may be sure that the results stay confidential and will be never made public.

The best recommendations are our clients’ references. You may look through them in the Projects and References section.

If you are interested in our services or want to have preliminary discussions on business problems would you please contact us by phone or e-mail, or fill in the inquiry form on the site. We will definitely reply, discuss the situation with you and develop the decision’s options.

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