We work out marketing motivations for strategic decisions that define companies’ development. In most  cases these decisions are linked to the investment process. The marketing assessment is practical for understanding the market prospect solutions both by internal and external investors.

Marketing motivation for an investment project is the basis for development and expertise of business plans, marketing plans, and concepts for investment objects’ development. The RMC responsibilities cover the analysis of distribution and competition, assessment of a project’s marketing risks, development of marketing strategies and plans, forecasting of the demand and formation of sales plan.

We support our clients in making their decisions on mergers and acquisitions. In this case the RMC competences lie in the definition of market prospects for an object of selling/purchasing, assessment of the potential market share and development of marketing recommendations on the latter’s achievement.

We cooperate both with major investment institutions and small manufacturing and trading companies that invest in the creation and development of their own businesses. Our clients have recently implemented more than 100 Russian and international projects in accordance with the RMC recommendations.

Marketing strategies, market research