Communication audit

The communication audit facilitates solving cross-functional managerial problems covering several business areas.

Each company action either endogenous or exogenous is fully or partly implemented via communication. People present its source and object. We analyze business via the communication component. The main auditing method is the analysis of the inner and outer environment assisting in assessment of the real situation’s proximity in relation to the desired one. While helping to identify and eliminate the uncoordinated zones we facilitate increasing the company’s business effectiveness.

The audit may relate to either particular tasks or general aspects of the company business development strategy. For instance, the particular tasks are:

  • Implementation or correction of the corporate culture during the transition from one development phase to another (for instance, from the small business phase to the medium one), as well as for M&As, changes in shareholding, etc.;
  • Formation or correction of the corporate brand positioning in the inner and outer environment (for instance, the employer’s image);
  • Effective change in organizational structure, etc.

The communication audit may result in interactive strategic sessions allowing to get justified and management-shared solutions of the set tasks. The strategic session conduct by an outside consultant-moderator assists in elaboration of the balanced solution of a problem considering the different parties’ positions.

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