Analysis of a real estate object market prospects

The said survey is relevant for the companies either possessing a piece of land or a building and lacking a detailed concept for their exploitation, or planning to purchase them.

The project results form the basis for an investment decision on the object exploitation’s choice.

The survey facilitates to resolve the following tasks:

  • Definition of the potential demand level and demand price for each variant of an object’s functional exploitation.
  • Assessment of the actual and potential competitors’ influence upon the demand level.
  • Assessment of the infrastructure development influence on the demand level.

The project results in selection of the exploitation variant the most prospective from the market requirements’ standpoint. The project provides the basis for the detailed concept development and market requirements to different buildings, adjoining territories and internal infrastructure.

Work examples:

Intercontinental Group (investment management, Russia). Medical center’s establishment: Market analysis.
Reference: Mr. O. O. Matveevsky.

Technoleasing (investments, Russia). Formation of the elite housing market-oriented concept.
Reference: Mr. N.G. Koshtyrev

Marketing strategies, market research