Search for partners

RMC is active in facilitating searching different business partners in the interests of our clients. The search is primarily related to consumers, dealers and reference group representatives.

The clients of the said activities can be the companies interested in broadening their distribution areas for products, raw materials and components and in establishing new servicing centers.

These can be either foreign or Russian companies seeking partners in the regions geographically remote from a head office.

The project tasks:

  • Development of the potential partner database.
  • Gathering of the information on the potential partners. Definition of the client’s criteria relevance.
  • Preliminary negotiations with the potential partners, identification of their readiness for cooperation and prospective cooperation terms.

The project results in the list of prospective partners, their description, ranging and recommendations on the further negotiations.

Work examples:

COVENTYA S.A.S (galvanization technologies, France-Germany). Russian market’s entry strategy. Search for potential partners.
Reference: Mr. Thomas Costa

Oy Swot Consulting Finland Ltd (consulting, Finland). Market analysis and potential partners’ search: Multiple projects.
Reference: Mr. Tommi Salonen.

Marketing strategies, market research