Internal marketing of organizations

The internal marketing of organizations assumes analysis of the personnel management system for the purpose of establishing effective relationships and communications between employees at each level.

The said job is primarily important for big structures enjoying the elaborate networks of geographically distant subsidiaries which need the coordinated personnel policy.

The job is also required by the companies experiencing serious organizational changes, like amendments of business models, M&A’s, diversification, vertical integration, etc.

The tasks incorporate employee engagement research, getting ‘feedback’ from employees, including:

  • Assessment of the corporate development goals’ understanding by the personnel members; the goal coordination degree at different levels;
  • Definition of the company personnel loyalty level;
  • Assessment of the personnel satisfaction with the work-life quality;
  • Motivational analysis of the personnel behavior.

The said work results in development of personnel stimulation system, loyalty enhancement system, internal communication system corresponding to the corporate goals. The RMC experts recommend the main directions for the corporate brand’s positioning. The list of the supporting steps for the set goals’ achievement is proposed at the operational level.

Work examples:

Baltika Brewery Ltd. (Brewery industry, Russia). Survey of the company’s image: the employee perception.
Reference: Mrs. Y. V. Pakhomova

Territorial Generating Company No. 1 (electric power and heat production, Russia). Analysis of the corporate brand image.
Reference: Mr. B. F. Vainzikher


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