Brand promotion strategy development

The brand promotion strategyformation is based on the market information and consumer audience. In case this information is unavailable the preparatory stage of the market situation exploration and the target segment consumer definition is conducted.

The detailed tasks depend on the product/service specifics, areas, target group features, brand positioning peculiarities, etc., which assumes implementation of the individual scenarios.

The project incorporates resolving the following standardized tasks:

  • Identification of the most effective channels and tools for brand promotion;
  • Formation of the list of events for promotion (exhibitions, fairs, seminars, conferences, etc.);
  • Development of the communication messages’ content for different target groups (intermediaries and end-consumers, stakeholders, etc.);
  • Development of the corporate publication concepts, including advertisements (catalogs, booklets, corporate media, corporate Internet-resources, etc.);
  • Assessment of relevance of the corporate style elements to the brand under formation (in the corporate brand’s case) and development of recommendations on the corporate style’s correction.

Work examples:

BFA, PSB managing company (financial services, Russia). Target customer group research : Multiple projects.
Reference: Mrs. N. A. Lotvinova

Petroset Group (sales of recreational devices, sales of furniture for children, Russia). Analysis of the customers’ perception for the new products, testing of advertising materials, search for efficient communication channels.
Reference: Mr. D. A. Stemasov

Marketing strategies, market research