Our experts have extensive experience in studying the following markets (listed alphabetically):

  • catering services;
  • clothes and footwear;
  • construction materials;
  • construction services, including general contract for construction of residential, commercial and industrial real estate;
  • development in residential-, commercial- and industrial real estate;
  • ground area development;
  • entertainment services;
  • food products;
  • furniture;
  • heating and electric power, and power equipment;
  • hotel services;
  • industrial equipment (refrigerating equipment, lighting equipment, etc.);
  • logistic services;
  • medical services and equipment;
  • metallurgical products;
  • motor transport;
  • printing products and services;
  • products and services for children;
  • products for repairing;
  • road-building equipment and construction equipment;
  • software;
  • telecommunication services;
  • timber treatment products;
  • waste utilization, etc.

Marketing strategies, market research