Projects and references

COVENTYA S.A.S (galvanization technologies, France-Germany). Russian market’s entry strategy. Search for potential partners.
Reference: Mr. Thomas Costa

Fintormenta Oy (consulting, Finland). Surveys of the housing market. Surveys of the medical equipment market.
Reference: Mrs. Tuula Perila.

Nordic Russian Management Company Ltd. Norum (asset management, Finland-Norway). Trade equipment market research. Fish product markets in St. Petersburg and Moscow: research.
Reference: Mr. Hans Christian Dall Nygard.

Quadriga Capital (asset management, Germany). Research support for the industry and regional directions for the foundation development.
Reference: Mr. Reinhard Kohleick

Oy Swot Consulting Finland Ltd (consulting, Finland). Market analysis and potential partners’ search: Multiple projects.
Reference: Mr. Tommi Salonen.

Baltika Brewery Ltd. (Brewery industry, Russia). Marketing research: comparative study of the communication projects perception.
Reference: Mr. A. L. Kedrin
Survey of the company’s image: the employee perception.
Reference: Mrs. Y. V. Pakhomova

NPF Bercut, Ltd. (telecommunication market, Russia). Marketing survey on exploration of the customer behavior and the attitudes towards RBT services by the mobile communication users.
Reference: Mrs. A. S. Novoseltseva

SELA Corporation (clothing manufacturing and sales, Russia). Brand development concept perception: Analysis.
Reference: Mr. Vyacheslav Dobrin

Aeroc SPB (aerocrete manufacturing, Russia). Regional market research: Multiple projects. Pricing and product line monitoring.
Reference: Mr. S. I. Polonsky

BauTech (turnkey contracting services, Russia). Turnkey contracting market: Analysis.
Reference: Mr. L. S. Doktorov

BFA, PSB managing company (financial services, Russia). Target customer group research : Multiple projects.
Reference: Mrs. N. A. Lotvinova

Web Plus (Internet operator, Russia). Competitive strategy development.
Reference: Mr. A. A. Shirenko

Intercontinental Group (investment management, Russia). Medical center’s establishment: Market analysis.
Reference: Mr. O. O. Matveevsky.

LSR Group (real estate development and building materials company, Russia). Market attractiveness analysis in the fields of construction materials and construction equipment: Multiple projects. Research of the regional business development prospects.
Reference: Mr. M. B. Romanov

Eurogarden management company, Zeleyonaya Strana brand (sales network for home furnishings and gardening, Russia). Analysis of the gardening center market prospects: Multiple projects.
Reference: Mr. V. V. Panin

OOO Heineken Brewery (food industry, Russia). Market analysis for the corporate investment plan alternatives’ appraisal.
Reference: Mr. V. V. Pyatko

Meatland Logistics and Distribution (logistic services, Russia). Exploration of the logistic services’ market.
Reference: Mr. V. V. Taraschenko

ZAO Peterstar (Telecommunications, Russia). Market survey on the Internet and telephone broadband access services in Leningrad region and on the specifics of the Peterstar’s consumer perception.
Reference: Mr. Y. S. Vasilyev

Petroset Group (sales of recreational devices, sales of furniture for children, Russia). Analysis of the customers’ perception for the new products, testing of advertising materials, search for efficient communication channels.
Reference: Mr. D. A. Stemasov

OOO PiterGORproekt (Mining industry, Russia). Marketing survey on the specifics of the mining enterprises’ development in Russian Federation.
Reference: Mr. Y. E. Boguslavskiy

Ramirent Machinery (renting of road-building and construction equipment, Russia - Finland). Regional development of renting services for road-building and construction equipment: Prospects’ analysis.
Reference: Mr. G. V. Grif

Sampo 79 (logistic services, Russia). Analysis of the regional logistic services’ market .
Reference: Mr. L. A. Kotov.

JSC “INTER RAO UES”, Severo-Zapadnaya Thermal Power Plant (electric power and heat production, Russia), The Institute for Enterprise Issues (auditing and consulting, Russia). The heat and electric power market survey.
Reference: Mr. I. Y. Gryaznov

Sevkabel (cable manufacturing, Russia). High voltage cable market development: Market analysis.
Reference: Mrs. A. V. Kolesnikova

SZLK (sales of construction equipment, Russia). Machines and equipment for road building, construction and mining: Russian market analysis.
Reference: Mr. A. G. Myasnikov

STEP Turnkey Contracting Company (turnkey contracting services, Russia). Corporate strategic development: Consulting support.
References: Mr. D. M. Kunis, Mr. Y. B. Yoffe

Territorial Generating Company No. 1 (electric power and heat production, Russia). Analysis of the corporate brand image.
Reference: Mr. B. F. Vainzikher

Technoleasing (investments, Russia). Formation of the elite housing market-oriented concept.
Reference: Mr. N.G. Koshtyrev

United Elements Group Holding Company Limited (integral supply and maintenance of the systems for buildings’ conditioning, ventilating and heating, Russia). Information support for strategy development.
Reference: S. A. Koldin

Marketing strategies, market research