Consulting methods

We develop the tailor-made marketing strategies for companies: each strategy is unique. This requires detailed exploration of each company and its core competences, and requires development of the problems’ mutual understanding with a client.

The strategic projects can be conditionally divided into two groups in accordance with the goals set:

In the first case the strategies being developed assume the new markets’ coverage. The market features and the customer behavior become crucial for the strategy development. For achieving the deepest consumption models’ understanding we exploit the iterative segmentation method which permits the most detailed definition of a company’s competitive advantages within the target segments.

In the second case the company’s target lies in the market share increase or profitability increase in the incumbent market. First of all we analyze the market niches that are insufficiently served by the competitors or are not served at all. The competitor analysis is conducted via the competitor ‘gaps’ and permits to form the strategy of affecting customers in the target competitor’ areas.

The final stage consists of recommendations on the business-process amendments and formation of competences which would assist the client in the strategy’s implementation.

Marketing strategies, market research